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U Party Ubiquitous Club Membership

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U Party Ubiquitous Club Membership

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Your membership supports the U Party.  This is a non tax-deductible purchase that funds staff, provides savings for legal action, and purchases cash producing assets that make this organization financially sustainable for decades (and beyond) without need for further fund raising in the future.  

Members will receive transparent reports of where all funds go as well as access to our tax returns.  Don't worry, we have an opt in policy where you can remain an anonymous member.  

When you support the U Party you support the solutions presented in our website, and enable meaningful change to come to fruition.  

For deeper insight speak to the person who referred you, and please remember to use that person's link instead of the main link if applicable so we can track our growth strategies.  The only way we can make lasting meaningful change is to reach a critical mass of people, contact to become an affiliate (the only information we need from affiliates is an email address)    

Thank you for your support.  U Party is the innovation that changes everything.    


rather contribute digital currency?  

BTC: bc1qmm753vw72a37dxxjl3kpgeq8n88gewp4fjws2u

ETH: 0x7803ad16689Cb7e49E1533AC9770085Bf56eb886

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Exclusive content concerning politics and finance. Use your license key to claim bonuses and freebees.


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